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Debbie Ellis

Romance Author

New Release

All That And A Bottle Of Jack (Tenacity Series Book One)

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find out who you really are…

Frontman for the rock band Emissaries, Nick Zwei, has a notorious tendency of getting into trouble. After yet another bar fight, the Emissaries’ record label decides they’ve had enough and sends him off to their South African division to hopefully learn his lesson. There he meets a hot-headed redhead named Liana, who, against her better judgement, accepts a promotion to become Nick’s personal assistant.

Thanks to Liana’s history with dating jerky band mates, she immediately can’t stand how arrogant and cocky he is...and even worse, how he has the drop-dead gorgeous looks to back it all up But it still doesn’t stop him from giving it his all to get her into bed. It’s not long before the chemistry she’s fighting starts to give way, and soon Nick finds himself caught between his love for the industry and his love for Liana.

As if their budding relationship hasn’t already been challenged enough, someone from Liana’s past makes a threatening reappearance – her psychotic ex-fiancé and frontman of a local band. Her explosive connection with Nick drives him mad, and he soon decides that Nick has to go. Because if he can’t have her, no one will...

...even if it means getting rid of him for good.

Kylie Scott’s Lead meets motion picture A Star Is Born in this enemies-to-lovers rockstar romance.

Each book in the series follows a different bandmate and is a standalone happily-ever-after

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Nick is an absolute rockstar nightmare. He drinks too much, he fights too much and drugs flow. Now the label is angry and as punishment they’re shipping him off to South Africa. There he will straighten out, write new music and pull himself together. The place is beautiful and he’s settling in nicely. But his new PA can’t stand him and is barely civil. Liana is tough as nails but she’s had it with men like Nick. These two are definitely crazy and it’s a good romantic story and I’m giving it four stars. I definitely recommend it.

​Maddi Matos - Goodreads Review

A fun, heartfelt read that has a dash of enemies-to-lovers and a couple you can't help but root for.


Praise & Reviews

All That and a Bottle of Jack is the debut novel from author Debbie Ellis.
It is sweet. No sex in this book, which makes a nice change from all the usual bump and grind but still with enough spice to keep it interesting.
Set against a stunning South African backdrop this book has all the tropes a romance reader loves. An easy read, I would recommend All That and a Bottle of Jack to anyone who loves the rock star romance or enemies to lovers genre.

​Tracy Caple - Author of The Blue Guitar Pick

​This is a story with heart, sizzling chemistry, and a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. One you would want to read again and again.

​Susan Pierce - International Bestselling Author

An amazing story that was fun to read and had you lost in the characters' journey.

Casvec, Goodreads


About The Author

Debbie has had a love for literature from a young age and started writing when she was only sixteen. She is best known for writing rock fiction with a romantic subplot, even though she absolutely adores reading horror novels. The gorier, the better! Even after spending three years studying Hospitality (and working ten agonizing years in the industry), she realized that writing was her genuine passion and pursued that instead. She currently resides in Oudtshoorn with her husband, two sons, daughter, and their pug. If she could have any more, she probably would (dogs that is, not kids).

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